„To design digital artifacts is to design peoples lives“- Löwgren/Stoltermann - Thoughtful interaction design

Hi there, I’m John and I’m an interaction design student from Osnabrück, Germany.

Creating interactive experiences is my greatest passion! I love analyzing what experience is desired, how the user is supposed to communicate with the systems in place and how these systems and mechanics should be designed to achieve the desired experience.

I am proficient in developing prototypes and crafting assets with various tools. My creative process is often inspired by graphic novels, cartoons and video games.

Especially video games have a strong impact on how I look at projects, due to the industries decades of experience in creating fun, immersive and motivating interactions.

I like to keep an open mind, be thoughtful and not scare away from challenges presented to me.

ps. my (not so) secret dream is to one day be the supreme-overlord of my own litte game studio! (Don’t) tell everybody!

+49 16 28 16 61 82